The Art History GradForum Visiting Scholar is nominated each year by the graduate students in the Department of Art History for his or her fresh, exciting, and intellectually engaging research and scholarship. The Visting Scholar is invited to Madison for a two-day series of events. The first day, the Visiting Scholar gives a public lecture on their current research. On the second day, the Visiting Scholar leads a research seminar devoted to a discussion of in-depth issues related to a piece of their published work. The Visiting Scholar Series has been held annually since 2003. A list of previous visiting scholars appears below:

2013-14: Melinda Barlow

2012-13: Ann Cvetkovich and Marget Long

2011-12: Jennifer Borland
2010: Laura U. Marks
2009: Jacqueline Jung
2008: Kristin Schwain
2007 Fall: Huey Copeland
2007 Spring: Daniela Bleichmar
2006: Martin Berger
2005: Anthony Lee
2004: David Lubin
2003: John Klein